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We will introduce the process of manufacturing of our hydrogen water.

hydrogen water
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Corporate Overview, Management Philosophy, Guide of “Oishii Suisosui”-Hydrogen saturated water, and businesses concerned Hydrogen.

RADICAL GRABBER mark is the certificate mark guaranteeing to incorporate hydrogen into raw materials such as water.
RADICAL GRABBER/hydrogen water

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About the establish and the administration of "Center of Molecular Hydrogen Medicine".
 Having "Letter of Thanks" from Japan Medical School by our contribution research in Japan Medical School-establish and administration "Center of Molecular Hydrogen Medicine" on June 25, 2008.

 I have believed in the possibility of  "Hydrogen Medicine".,and started this business.

I have been believed in the possibility of  "Hydrogen Water" will be a kind of part in  "medicine".

 I have been concentrated
to dip and develop "hydrogen water" business.

It was thankful for me,Japan Medical School had accepted my contribution
and had researched "hydrogen molecular medicine" during 4 years.

 I appreciate Japan Medical School had accepted our new contribution to develop the reserch of "Hydrogen Medical" -in their establish and administration of Hydrogen Molecular Medicine".

 "Hydrogen Midicine"is the newest scholary research in the world.

 Our purpose of this contribution is to develop the medical and scholary reseach of Hydrogen Medicine.

 I hope Japan Medical School will make the "Center of Molecular Hydrogen Medicine" to be the greatest research center of the Hydrogen Medicine in the world.

June 25, 2008

Wataru Murota.
Blue Mercury, Inc.
About the establish and the administration of Center of Molecular Hydrogen Medicine
 Introducing the members in the photogragh:
-from the left side   
 Ohichi Kawanami MD, Ph.D-Director, Institure of Gerontology
Tsutomu Araki MD, Ph.D-President, Nippon Medical School
 Wataru Murota
 Akiro Terashi M.D., Ph.D.-Chairman, Board of Directors of Nippon Medical School Foundation
 Sigeo Ohta Ph.D-Professor
 Ikurou Ohsawa Ph.D-Professor
About the establish and the administration of Center of Molecular Hydrogen Medicine
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hydrogen water