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We will introduce the process of manufacturing of our hydrogen water.

hydrogen water
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Corporate Overview, Management Philosophy, Guide of “Oishii Suisosui”-Hydrogen saturated water, and businesses concerned Hydrogen.

RADICAL GRABBER mark is the certificate mark guaranteeing to incorporate hydrogen into raw materials such as water.
RADICAL GRABBER/hydrogen water

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“Oishii Suisosui”
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15TH A4M Annual Congress & Exhibition in Las Vegas
Thanks for the coming of many visitors to our exhibited booth on 15TH A4M Annual Congress & Exhibition in Las Vegas,was held during from Dec.13 to Dec.15,2007
15TH A4M Annual Congress & Exhibition in Las Vegas
 A4M Anuual Congress and Exhibition in Las Vegas was held during 3 days. There were many sessions in the Congress. Many auditors visited to the sessions. Auditors were from not only US,but many countries in the world.  The Exhibition,which was held with the Congress,had many exhibitors,also from many countries.

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hydrogen water