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We will introduce the process of manufacturing of our hydrogen water.

hydrogen water
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Corporate Overview, Management Philosophy, Guide of gOishii Suisosuih-Hydrogen saturated water, and businesses concerned Hydrogen.

RADICAL GRABBER mark is the certificate mark guaranteeing to incorporate hydrogen into raw materials such as the water.
RADICAL GRABBER / hydrogen water

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Business lines

Provision of Technologies for Production of Hydrogen Saturated Water

We will let hydrogen include into material-liquid,by using our proprietary technologies without using such methods as electrolysis.
We provide the technology to produce highly reductive liquids with an oxidation-reduction potential of -300 mV to -500 mV,to business establishments and research institutes.

Development and Rental of Hydrogen Saturated Water Filling Plant

We develop new plants for producing hydrogen saturated water based on our proprietary hydrogen-containing technologies. At present, we provide two types of rental plants \ one for drinking water and one for hot bath water. Plant for drinking water: Beverage manufacturers, health care-related companies, research institutes Plant for hot bath water: hot bath facilities, beauty salons, esthetic salons, health care-related companies We are determined to apply our technology to a wide range of fields including preservation of quality of farm products and to expand our product lines.

Manufacturing and sale of hydrogen-based products

House-brand beverages: Oishii suisosui.

Oishii Suisosui
Our technology is no need hydrogen gas made by any resolution a kind of calsium and magnesium etc.,and no use of technology of water-electrolysing. We are making development of new products by our own technology which is be able to hold rich hydrogen gas in natural water.

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hydrogen water