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We will introduce the process of manufacturing of our hydrogen water.

hydrogen water
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RADICAL GRABBER mark is the certificate mark guaranteeing to incorporate hydrogen into raw materials such as the water.
RADICAL GRABBER / hydrogen water

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Introducing frequent question and answer in Q&A form
Our technology is no need hydrogen gas made by any resolution a kind of calsium and magnesium etc.,and no use of technology of water-electrolysing. We are making development of new products by our own technology which is be able to hold rich hydrogen gas in natural water.

p:What sort of water is it?
`:Ordinary natural water dous not hold dissolved hydrogen gas in itself.
To diosolve hydrogen gas into water for a long turm is quite difficult thing.
Our product-hydrogen water, has rich dissolved hydrogen gas by special technology which is we improved. And we do not use a kind of technology of electrolysing.
For example our hydrogen water indicates the measurement of dissolution range of hydrogen gas ,from 0.350 ppm to 0.450 ppm,and indicates the measurement of ORP-oxidation reduction potential range from -300 mV to -500 mV.
This means our water is in neutral pH-range.

p:Does it have any special tasts?
`:No, it tastes like ordinary water. In order to preserve the properties of the gOishii suisosuih (oxidation-reduction potential, dissolved hydrogen content), the water is contained in an aluminum pouch. It may thus smell of the aluminum pouch if you drink it directly out from the pouch. However, this is not detrimental to its quality.

p:How long can it be stored?
`:If it has not been opened, it can be stored for four months from the date of production.
If it has already been opened (uncapped), the hydrogen will be released from the water gradually but can be preserved in the pouch by letting the air out of the pouch and closing the cap. Due to the properties of hydrogen, however, once opened, it is recommended that the water be consumed within one day in three to four servings.

p:How much of this water should I drink?
`:We recommend to drink "Oishii Suisosu in 500 ml pouch bag"-our hydrogen water, 1 or 2 bags a day. To drink hydrohen water in this type of cantainer is available devide several times.
In case of "Oishii Suisosui in 300 ml aluminum can bottle,we also recommend to drink 2 or 3 bottles a day.
This case-300ml hydrohen water in alminum can bottle, makes hydrogen gas disappearing in a shorter time which once opend for drink water in spite of bottle has a cap tightened after drinking.
It is better to drink in this kind of bottle by once.

p:Is it right to drink coffee and tea by boiling "hydrogen water"?
`:Hydrogen gas in hydrogen water disappears almost from itself by boiling.
Hydrogen water has better condition in cool temperature to drink.

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hydrogen water